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The Arthritis National Research Foundation has been named one of America’s best charities.

The leading online charity evaluator, Charity Navigator, has awarded the Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF) their best 4-star rating for nine consecutive years placing ANRF in the top 1% of charities in the country. As a supporter you would like to how they make the determination and that ANRF is one of America’s best charities.

The sections below will help you rate ANRF as one of the best charities by providing you our operational information in the following areas:

As one of the best charities out of hundreds of charitable organizations, the Arthritis National Research Foundation is a smart decision so that your donation carries the greatest impact. We invite you to learn more about this arthritis research organization by clicking the boxes above. You may examine our financial statements, growth, history, governance policies, annual reports and the progress of our grant recipients to reaffirm your decision to support the Arthritis National Research Foundation.

We are committed to our supporters by ensuring that your donations are spent wisely. We want you to know exactly where your time and money is being utilized so you know that you are valued and making a positive difference. We rely on third-party reviews of our operational procedure, expenditures and arthritis research success to ensure consistency, clarity, dependability and reliability. When you support ANRF you truly are supporting one the best charities. We strive for excellence and we invite you to examine our documents to see for yourself.

We cannot help the millions suffering with arthritis without your help!

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