Cure Arthritis Crew

As a member of the Cure Arthritis Crew you serve as the foundation’s voice to your community. Below you will find the Cure Arthritis Crew Member Pledge, while it is not expected that you do all that is listed, the pledge serves as a guideline to help you, help the community in the best ways possible. We look forward to building our crew and can’t wait to include you!

Cure Arthritis Crew Member Pledge:

As a Cure Arthritis Crew member I am committed to helping in the effort to cure arthritis. Time and energy permitting I hereby promise:

  • • To show my passion for arthritis and autoimmune research and awareness by sharing:
    • • writing
    • • art
    • • photos
    • • my personal story
    • • Other ways of spreading arthritis awareness
  • • To talk with people in my community,
  • • To share links from about arthritis research, #ArthritisNow episodes and other stories.
  • • To join the #CureArthritis online discussions via tweet-chat
  • • To share fundraising campaigns and encourage those who are able to donate to arthritis research
  • • And/or to find my own creative way to take action!

I am a Cure Arthritis Crew member, and it’s my aim to #CureArthritis!

When you sign up as an Cure Arthritis Crew member, you’ll receive Cure Arthritis stickers, buttons, and bracelets to help you take action and get started. We thank you for your dedication and for using your valuable energy to help us #CureArthritis!

What do you say? Are you a member of the Cure Arthritis Crew? Sign up using the form below!

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