Dave Israelsky

Co-Founder, Summit Team


Why Dave Israelsky is involved with ANRF:


“My late wife suffered from RA for many years, and I was frustrated because I could not do anything to help. I looked for an organization that was searching for a cure and discovered ANRF. After I stumbled around and even donated to some researchers on my own, I realized that I was not competent to evaluate the research. Fortunately, I discovered ANRF and their amazing Scientific Advisory Board and knew I was home.”


Dave Israelsky co-founded Summit Team, a shopping center management company based in Orange County, California. He has always committed himself to family and serving the community: Dave is a past president of the Boys & Girls Club of Fountain Valley, past member of the Fountain Valley Elementary School Board, past vice-president of Congregation B’nai Tzedek and developer of the temple in Fountain Valley.


Dave holds Master’s degrees in Engineering and English.


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