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Arthritis affects an estimated 50 million Americans and millions more worldwide. The problem is BIG, so how can you make a difference?

On Social Media?

Go Blue to #CureArthritis by making your facebook and/or twitter profile blue!

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The interactive programs below have been designed to empower you “to be the change you wish to see in the world” – Ghandi. You are the reason we need a cure for diseases like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, juvenile arthritis and related autoimmune diseases. You are the one who can make a difference by sharing your story, raising awareness, Racing For A Cure, making a donation and/or becoming an advocate with a Cure Arthritis Action Pak.

We are looking forward to you joining the team to support more research towards finding a cure! To get started you can get a FREE bracelet here!

The Cure Arthritis Awareness Map!

May is Arthritis Awareness Month! To raise funds and awareness we’ve partnered with Lilly by creating the Cure Arthritis Awareness Map! The project is simple, but we need YOUR help!

$1 is donated for each #CureArthritis photo posted up to $25,000!

We need YOU get your #CureArthritis gear out to take a photo or post a photo you already have, then share it with EVERYONE you know!

View and post to the map at Map.CureArthritis.org


The Cure Arthritis Crew

As a member of the Cure Arthritis Crew you will serve as the foundation’s voice to your friends, family and community. You are required to take the crew member pledge and do all you can to help raise awareness and funds for arthritis research!

With over 130 crew members you’ll get to connect with each other and get advanced information on all the latest with the Arthritis National Research Foundation!

To view and take the pledge visit CureArthritis.org/Crew

Cure Arthritis Bracelets

The cure arthritis bracelets are making their way around the world and we need your help! From LA Kings games to table top mountain in South Aftrica to the London Olympics, we are raising awareness one bracelet at a time!

Get a bracelet of your own and start showing the world that you support arthritis research to find a cure. Post your bracelet photo to the Arthritis National Research Foundation facebook page and on twitter or instagram using the hash tag #CureArthritis.

Purchase bracelets now!

Get a FREE Cure Arthritis bracelet here! While supplies last!

Racing For A Cure

Any Race! Any Time! Anywhere!

Whether you walk, run, swim or ride, you can join Racing For A Cure for your next race. From 5ks to Ironman’s, from South Korea to New York, our Racing For A Cure athletes have been everywhere.

We’d love to have you join the team and dedicate your next race to raising awareness and finding a cure! There is no fundraising minimum to be on the team, so get out there and help us raise some awareness!

Click here to learn more about Racing For A Cure or click here to visit the new RacingForACure.org!

Cure Arthritis Action Pak

The Cure Arthritis Action Pak is your tool to tell the world that it is time for a CURE! By purchasing the pak you not only help fund pivotal research, but you will have the tools to be an ambassador for change.

We will be there with you each step of the way as we work together to cure arthritis and the related autoimmune diseases.

In the pak you will receive informational materials, a t-shirt, 5 bracelets to share, 2 posters, 4 square stickers, 1 bumper sticker and 2 buttons.

Click here to get your pak now!

Share Your Story!

You are the reason we are funding arthritis research to find new treatments and cures. It is your story that matters and needs to be told. We’d love to work with you to get your message out there!

Your story will not only inspire us, but hundreds of others who want to know they are not alone. We are in this together and we will stand together to find a cure!

Contact us to let us know you’re interested in sharing your story and we’ll be in touch soon!

Social Media

Join the Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF) on a variety of social media platforms. We want to connect with you!

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Arthritis Now – YouTube Show

Visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for an informative and fun show covering the latest in arthritis research! Click here to see the latest Arthritis Now videos!

Every first and third Wednesday of each month we launch a new segment covering on the latest from our scientists! Don’t miss it!

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