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Dina Neils, a competitive athlete living with rheumatoid arthritis, completed her first triathlon two weeks ago at Rancho Seco Park in Northern California. After the race we caught up with her and she called it the proudest and greatest accomplishment of her life. As an RA warrior battling the symptoms of arthritis, she knows firsthand the pain and trauma arthritis causes, but even after living with the disease for over ten years and two hip replacement surgeries, she is still…

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  • arthritis awareness . Dina Neils . juvenile arthritis . racing for a cure . rheumatoid arthritis .

For Dina Neils, running was everything.  It was more than just her favorite sport; it was a way of life.  As a competitive long-distance runner in college, it helped her find her identity and develop camaraderie with other runners.  However, when she was just a freshman in college, she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. (more…)


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