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Funding arthritis research research to cure arthritis.

This is what we do at the Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF). Every time we fund an arthritis research research grant, we make a calculated investment in a scientist, with the hope that they will have a breakthrough discovery to find a more effective treatment and cure. Arthritis research provides this hope.

Arthritis is in my family. I’ve watched my mother and my grandmother suffer the pain and limited mobility of arthritis. Doing something concrete to help them means the world to me. The Arthritis National Research Foundation provides hope for them and others through research. The means to finding a cure is through research.

We’re the only nonprofit organization in the country solely focused on funding the cutting-edge arthritis research ideas of young, entrepreneurial doctors.

These MDs and PhDs have innovative ideas, but limited funding to move forward. If, after a rigorous review process they are ranked among the best of the best candidates, they’ll be eligible to receive a one-year grant from ANRF to work on their idea. This enables them to move the study ahead more quickly and more in-depth.

Arthritis research is the hope for 50 million Americans like my mother and 300,000 children with juvenile arthritis, too. New, cutting-edge research is exciting and may be ready for testing in patients soon. With your help, we can fund research focused on alleviating the pain many are suffering.

I invite you to join us in this fight to eradicate arthritis through research. 91 cents of your donation to ANRF funds arthritis research programs. Enjoy browsing our website to learn about the current research and how you can get involved. Together, we can make arthritis a disease of the past.


Shaun Skeris
Board of Directors

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